Monday 7 January 2019

DIY STM8S103 BLE Solar Fridge controller PCB

 Low Energy Solar Fridge controller DIY

My target was to make very cheap and  very low energy  refridgerator controller to 12V solar system. Low energy fridge can be implemented with container type freezer with AC power and inverter (1000W) to be controlled by designed controller.

Schematic diagram and PCB

 Circuit diagram and printed circuit board was made with KiCad developement tool.
Main components of the controller are STM8S103 (module or IC), BLE module JDY-08 and
LCD display 16x2 lines.

Printed circuit board as KiCad 3D:

STM8S103  program was developed with ST Visual Studio Developer and COSMIC STM8 C-compiler.

3D printed case

3D printed cover using PLA filament:

Android application

Android application developed with Android Studio. Android phone can be used to adjust temperature setting, control inverter and display temperature / battery voltage information.

Link to design files:

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